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August 18, 2007


Barbara Boehner Ryan

This recipe is almost exactly like the one my mother used to make including the potatoes. She also added some peas and sometimes a little pimento for color. She made it in a deep dish and my dad shucked the oysters fresh in Sept. after a trip to Bivalve, NJ, to get them right off the oyster schooner. It was soooo delicious!!

Diane Wiley

We just had a luscious meal of Oyster Pie using your wonderful recipe. I wasn't the cook, but the cook improvised by adding fried bacon crumbles and it was fabulous! Thank you SO much for this recipe. The cook got freshly shucked oysters from a local seafood distributor and it turned out that a pound was 14 oysters. The recipe called for 12 "or more", and the two extra fat juicy oysters made the pie very moist. She served a tomato, arugula, opnion salad and green beans with it. Perfect combination. Is this making your mouth water? Couldn't ask for anything better! Thanks again,

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